Vivid Portraiture

Artist’s Statement

      I create paintings that capture a clearly recognizable likeness of the subject, re-imagined in vivid rich color. Many of my paintings incorporate pattern and/or text, adding visual depth to the piece. The paintings are created using layers of sheer tinted acrylic glazes, carefully built up to create delicate, luminous, and vibrant color. It’s important to me that a color is just as lush whether you stand two inches or 20 feet from a canvas.

      My primary subject matter is portraiture. Portraits are more than a mere physical representation of the person. A portrait reflects the subject’s personality as the artist sees him or her, and may be influenced by how the sitter wants to be perceived. It is imbued with a sense of who the artist wants that person to be, in the context of the specific painting. In addition, consciously or subconsciously, the artist projects a sense of him- or herself into the painting. The portrait becomes a dialogue of sorts between the artist and the subject. Once the portrait is complete, that specific moment in the subject’s life is once again interpreted by viewers, and becomes a universal experience.