Vivid Portraiture


 20131104-by-Kathryn-Usher-180w  For a long time, Sarah Joy considered herself a contemporary nomad — but after 20 years, she’s happy to be living back in her hometown, San Antonio. Texas will always be home.

      Travel is in large part responsible for Sarah Joy’s vocation in art. A visit to Paris and the Louvre when she was sixteen rekindled a serious interest in art, and she began to study art history. That pursuit led to taking studio classes, and Sarah Joy rediscovered her devotion to and need for making art.

      Travel has always played an important role in her life and art –- at the age of nine, she first traveled overseas to Brisbane, Australia. Since then, she has spent time on five continents, and enjoys road-tripping across the continental US. The opportunity to explore new places and enjoy regional food, drink, and culture remains an irresistible beacon. Of course, every trip requires at least one visit to the local art museums! And every new experience and culture influences her art — subtly or overtly.

      Today, Sarah Joy’s work focuses on portraits, nudes, and still lifes. She paints in acrylic, with embellishments of embroidery, gold leaf, screen print, and stenciling.