Vivid Portraiture

frequently asked questions

What’s your painting technique?

I start by painting my canvas a neutral gray. Then, I paint on sheer layers of color, building up the layers until the background reaches the overall color I have in mind. Painting the background this way gives the colors a luminosity and richness they wouldn’t otherwise have.
Then, I lightly sketch the figure onto the canvas, and begin to shade the figure using sheer glazes of black or white, building up lighter and darker areas.
Once the general shape of the figure is established, I’ll screen-print the pattern onto the canvas. Finally, I’ll finish the painting, using more layers of sheer color until I get to the contrast and intensity I’m looking for.


How did you do the pattern/text/etc. in the background?

I screenprint the backgrounds, usually. I also made a polka-dot stencil that I’m working with right now. A few older works have hand-painted patterns.

Who are all the people in the paintings?

They’re friends of mine. The series “Artists and Airmen” represents the two communities I consider family, and all the portraits are of either artists or Air Force personnel.

How long does it take for you to finish a painting?

It really depends on the size. For something about 18×24″, from conception and layout to the final coats of paint, it’ll take me 3-4 weeks of work.

Do you take commissions?

Absolutely! Contact me to talk about your potential project.

What’s up with the Mardi Gras Masks?

I occasionally create hand-made, custom-fitted Mardi Gras masks. These are a few examples.

Want to know more? Have another question? Just send me a quick message.